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FALL TRENDS || Fringe & Suede

FALL TRENDS || Fringe & Suede

Fringe is one of my favorite forms of embellishment in fashion. Throughout 2015, you may have noticed peeks of fringe in fashion - but this fall the fringe trend will be brought to a whole new level.
From bags, to shoes, to suede jackets - fringe is a cool way to add some movement and playfulness to an outfit.

I owe several items which a majorly fringe embellished. Fringe may seem scary to some at first - because it is a rather both form of fashion,
may consider it difficult to pull off..

Well, here I will show you fringe doesn't have to be intimidating. As a matter of fact, fringe can be settle in your outfit, as some fringe embellished pieces only have a touch of fringe.
 Here are a couple of fringe pieces I own which I absolutely love - and I could see these pieces being versatile enough for other people to pull off, as well.

(1)  New Look Tan Drawstring Fringe Shoulder Bag
(2) Deux Lux Fringed Small Circle Cross-body Bag
(3) Topshop Leather Tassle Bag(4) Charlotte Russe Black Faux Leather bag
(5) World Woven Tote with Suede Fringe
(6) ASOS Petite Festival Mini Bag
(7) Steve Madden Fringed Suede Crossbody Bag
(8) Steve by Steve Madden Fringe Suede Backpack

New Look Tan Drawstring Fringe Shoulder Bag

Deux Lux Fringed Small Circle Cross-body Bag
Charlotte Russe Fringe Black Bag
Topshop Leather Tassle Bag

World Woven Tote with Suede Fringe

ASOS Petite Fesival Mini Bag

Steve Madden Fringed Suede Crossbody Bag
"Steven" by Steve Madden 
Fringe Suede Backpack

Though handbags are a casual way to add a touch of fringe to your outfit, there are also great clothing items with fringe embellish. Here are a couple of awesome jackets that have a little fringe. 

American Rag Faux Suede Fringe Jacket - Macy's

American Rag Juniors Fringe Faux Suede Vest - Macy's

Suede Shorts - Rag & Bone Boutique

Little lovely things //

Aqua Rainfall

Refreshing scents are something I always reach for. I love all of these products because they are high quality, and also smell so nice.

This hand sanitizer is by Ulta, and I always have one of these in my bag while on the go. I have one in my car, in my purse, and at my desk because you'll never know when you'll need a quick fix to freshen up! I usually go for Bath & Body Works' hand sanis, but this one was so refreshing, I just had to share with ya.

Next, another refreshing favorite is Mac's fragrance, "Turquatic." This perfume  is an absolute favorite of mine. I love putting it on in the morning, to give me that extra boost of confidence before I go out on my daily abouts. I also love to put it on mid-day during a busy day, when I'm in need of a boost -- this and a cup of joe, and I'm set to go on with the rest of my day! Try this! It's been a favorite of mine since I first smelled it, and I never seem to get tired of this scent.

The last product I've really been loving, is the "Yes to Cucumber" eye cream. I put this on after washing my face at bed time. I love "Say Yes To" products because they're all natural, and don't test on animals. This eye cream is also really great because it comes with a nifty pump - all I need is about a half of a pump and I'm all set to get my beauty rest. I'm always on the look for a new eye cream though! Do you have any suggestions?

Au soliel

Au Soleil 

Lately I have been thinking about human energy and how one's energy can be so powerful. This energy can have an impact on those around the being, whether that impact be negative or positive. I am working on making sure my inner light is always sparked: sparked with positivity, creativity, passion, soul, and most importantly - love.

I think this is something we must constantly remind our selves. Our lights get casted in shadows of stress, anxiety, fear. Our lights may get dimmed because of struggle. Our own lights may be overwhelmed by the lights of other's success, that we may recognize, concluding us with dimness: jealously, envy, negative shadows that make our own light become dimmed of its own capacity.

When this happens, we must remember that our light is our own, and no one else has it. Though others can impact our light, it is up to us to keep this spark and glow constantly radiating. This can be done through the things we love, the things we find our selves doing which lead us to shining, feeling special, feeling unique, feeling a gem amongst a sea of gray pebbles. 

These acts of lightness are reminders of our individuality, acts of our character and personality. The word "hobby" may be a somewhat accurate word, but remember just because something is your hobby, doesn't mean you have to absolutely excel at it. You can appreciate an activity, way, or even act, with out being "perfect" or "the best" at it… I think we have come to be such an overly competitive society; it is almost discouraging when we find something we love and wish to pursue; yet it has already been done or "perfected" by someone else. This sense of comparing makes our light flicker: as we compare our own work or essence of selves to another beings. To avoid this we must remember that we are on our own paths – we are doing the activity or way for our own selves, no one else. If we program out selves to constantly compare and compete with another, we are conditioned to be let down and attract failure. Instead we must channel our energy into light, into our individuality, into our own capacity of what makes us who we are. Remember this is your life, your path, your light... And no one person can take that away from you. Just a little somethin to remember. 

Cover me in honeysuckle memories

Cover me in honeysuckle memories

[What I'm wearing] 
Top - American Rag
Lasse Chocker - Forever 21 
Maxi Skirt - Ross
Bucket Bag - The Bellevue Collection 
Suede Ankle Booties - Goodwill

Lasse chockers are probably my favorite trend this spring. They're pretty much a modern version of the 90's chocker, yet with more of a "Western" vibe.
I'm also loving the whole "neutral tones" trend this spring. Usually people think of neutral hues as fall wardrobe options, but this spring, we're seeing a lot of natural hues (which are typically considered strictly fall colors.) It's always fun to have neutral colored staples, (like your bag, shoes, or bottom piece), and then mix up the rest of your outfit with a little print or touch of color. Having simple pieces make it easy to wear any item, in so many different ways. 
I'm also really into over accessorizing lately! It's always exciting to mix up jewelry in your outfit. To me, jewelry ultimately makes me feel like my outfit is "complete." What's your favorite accessory to wear? Do you have a favorite kind of jewelry or bag you continue to find your self wearing?



[What I'm wearing]
Cropped Halter Top - H&M
Chained Necklace - ASOS
High Waisted Denim - PacSun
Zipper Ankle Booties - H&M

In love with these platform booties! They are surprisingly comfortable, for a relatively cheap pair of shoes. The top I'm wearing here is such a classic staple to my wardrobe. I love finding pieces that are somewhat simple, so I can dress them up with loud, bold accessories. I went with a crop top against high waisted jeans, to give me the illusion of some length, making me feel tall and confident. These denim jeans are so close to the American Apparel ones! I would consider them a dupe. I bought a ton of them, they fit like a glove! And they were super cheap. I love a bargain that looks almost identical to an expensive item, so I get the look for less. 



[What I'm wearing]
Graphic top - Thrifted
Loose Shorts -Thrifted
Fringe backpack -
Oxford Flats - Old Navy

The last couple summer weeks of summer are here and it's time to pull out some transitioning pieces. That's why I love neutral toned accessories, they can be paired with just about any mix of colors. The shorts I'm wearing here are so comfortable! I decided a plain black bottom piece because my graphic top is loud and full of color. I have fallen in love with this fringe backpack, it's the perfect final accessory to my easy, casual, comfortable yet stylish graphic outfit.

Sun glitters

Sun Glitters

[What I'm wearing]
Graphic top - Thrifted
Distressed shorts - Urban Outfitters
Camel Knit Bag -
Oxford Boots - Old Navy

I don't own many graphic tops, but for those I do have, I do admire the print and art on them. This top is full of color and shapes, which adds some versatility to the rest of my outfit. I paired that with my favorite light blue BDG distressed denim shorts, and I think the light blue and distressed looks nice against the graphic top. Next I added my simple oxfords, with another neutral toned backpack. 
What's your favorite graphic print, textile, or color to wear? I have so much paisley and floral, I'm trying to add more variety to my closet by adding tops that have art on them which inspire me to add some character to the rest of my wardrobe.