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Au soliel

Au Soleil 

Lately I have been thinking about human energy and how one's energy can be so powerful. This energy can have an impact on those around the being, whether that impact be negative or positive. I am working on making sure my inner light is always sparked: sparked with positivity, creativity, passion, soul, and most importantly - love.

I think this is something we must constantly remind our selves. Our lights get casted in shadows of stress, anxiety, fear. Our lights may get dimmed because of struggle. Our own lights may be overwhelmed by the lights of other's success, that we may recognize, concluding us with dimness: jealously, envy, negative shadows that make our own light become dimmed of its own capacity.

When this happens, we must remember that our light is our own, and no one else has it. Though others can impact our light, it is up to us to keep this spark and glow constantly radiating. This can be done through the things we love, the things we find our selves doing which lead us to shining, feeling special, feeling unique, feeling a gem amongst a sea of gray pebbles. 

These acts of lightness are reminders of our individuality, acts of our character and personality. The word "hobby" may be a somewhat accurate word, but remember just because something is your hobby, doesn't mean you have to absolutely excel at it. You can appreciate an activity, way, or even act, with out being "perfect" or "the best" at it… I think we have come to be such an overly competitive society; it is almost discouraging when we find something we love and wish to pursue; yet it has already been done or "perfected" by someone else. This sense of comparing makes our light flicker: as we compare our own work or essence of selves to another beings. To avoid this we must remember that we are on our own paths – we are doing the activity or way for our own selves, no one else. If we program out selves to constantly compare and compete with another, we are conditioned to be let down and attract failure. Instead we must channel our energy into light, into our individuality, into our own capacity of what makes us who we are. Remember this is your life, your path, your light... And no one person can take that away from you. Just a little somethin to remember. 

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